The benefits and challenges at the Department of Defense

Soldiers working at computers

A high-level view of how to think about user research and its value

People talking around a table
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A case study on how the government leveraged Design Sprints for public safety

Man at whiteboard posting sticky notes
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From my experience, there is value to be gained from using Design Sprints, but like with any method, you must learn how and where it should be applied.

There are three vital areas to consider before selecting an idea

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What’s common about entrepreneurs and what can we learn from them?

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Focus on these traits and you’ll stand out from the pack

To women sitting in front of one another at a table
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UX has grown from 1,000 people in 1983 to over 1 million people in 2017 , and is expected to grow to 100 million by 2050 — according to Nielsen Norman Group

Lessons from a habitual goal setter

Man on a mountain top overlooking a beautifl sunrise.
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We’re buried in goals and goal setting to the point…

How some of the most successful companies think about design.

Series of three wireframes.
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Companies with more advanced design practices are more profitable than their competitors.

We all innovate, but some of us do it much better than others

A futuristic blue hallway with people standing in it.
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How teams design software apps faster and at a lower cost

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Jason Moccia

Insightful strategist, entrepreneur, and design consultancy founder @ OneSpring. Sharing thoughts, challenges, and the stories behind running a business.

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